Azahar Flamenco performs throughout the Pacific Northwest at large festivals and theaters, intimate clubs, coffee shops, and private events. We are active members in the Seattle arts and flamenco community, hosting "juergas" (flamenco parties) and other events to offer local flamenco artists and aficionados an opportunity to improvise and practice their art, while introducing flamenco to new audiences. In the summer of 2015, Azahar Flamenco was honored to be selected by a panel of judges to become a member of the King County "Touring Artists Roster".

Daniela Serrano

A long time interest in Spanish art and culture combined with a background in competitive figure skating and dance was the foundation for Daniela's initial enthusiasm for flamenco. This has led to a dedicated study and appreciation of all aspects of this rich art form. She began studying flamenco in Sevilla, Spain and returns there frequently for workshops and inspiration. After moving to Seattle, she began studying with Rubina Carmona and Maestra Sara de Luis. She soon began performing with Ms. Carmona's Peña Flamenca de Seattle and is now a featured soloist and choreographer for the Peña.

Rachel Sprague

Rachel has always loved dance. She was immediately drawn to flamenco - especially the music. The internal strength, versatility, and stillness that flamenco requires has served as a guide to better understand the history, communities, and resonance that she appreciates about the origins of flamenco. Rachel has studied with well known artists such as Rubina Carmona, Sara de Luis, Ana Montes, Encarnacion "La Paloma" Jaeger, and Viviana Orbeck. In addition to her work with Azahar Flamenco, she is also a featured soloist with La Peña Flamenca de Seattle under the direction of Ms. Carmona, and with Carmona Flamenco. 

Ben Phipps

Ben is a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts where he began studying flamenco guitar. He moved to Spain after graduation to continue stydying in Madrid and Sevilla. Ben has performed with companies on both coasts of the U.S. and accompanied dancers and singers in La Peña Flamenco, the Ballet Hispánico of New York, the Pasión y Arte company of Philadelphia, and Grupo Flamenco Dos Lunas.